Brands are amongst the most powerful influencers of human behaviour.


HMKD develops brand propositions, marketing strategies and advertising campaigns based on sustainable and ethical values that are good for both business and the planet. We work directly with brands and their agencies and are made up of like minded strategists, planners and marketers with a shared commitment to sustainability and a more ethical way of working. The company was founded in 2010 by Andy Wheatley, an ex agency MD driven by a belief in brands as the most powerful influencers of human behaviour change and a force for good.

HMKD’s approach is simple. Sustainability means having a business that can operate indefinitely in a world of finite resources. Being ethical is about treating people and the planet fairly. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that. Combine the two and the path is clear – it’s good for business, people and the planet.

It’s not just about the environment either. It’s about kindness, friendship, humanity and wellbeing and includes much wider challenges such as the need to redefine growth, prosperity, society, culture and economics in a way that benefits more than just the privileged few. Brands have the power and the responsibility to help us achieve this.

Helping brands and businesses work in harmony with people and the planet.

HMKD is built around Brand DNA, a robust and proven methodology that helps develop clear, coherent and engaging propositions based on compelling, ethical and human values.

Brand Strategy

Positioning strategy; brand architecture; portfolio management; new brand development

Internal Comms

Employee brand workshops; brand training; nurturing and maintaining brand champions; living the brand.

Brand Execution

Advertising campaigns; brand experience; brand localisation; digital execution; social media.

CRM Strategies

Customer engagement, acquisition and retention strategies; data analytics; segmentation.

Creating compelling communications strategies based on human values.

HMKD’s experience covers a wide range of organisations, from some of the world’s most iconic and established brands to small and ambitious start ups.

Dr. Nick Lowe
Kimberly Clark
Red Bull
Scorpio Worldwide
St. Luke’s Hospice
United World Colleges
All brands need to be profitable, but they should be sustainable and ethical too.

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